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A family's spirits are low after the passing of their dog, Bob. Soon after, a butterfly begins appearing every day at exactly 8:08. After many adventures together, the kids figure out that 8:08 looks like BOB

on the clock, and that perhaps Bob's spirit magically lives!

This book tackles the very sensitive subject of losing a pet with poetic grace and inspiring illustrations.

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About the Author


About the Illustrator

Winner of the 2018 Purple Dragonfly Award! 

Dominic Glover is an artist with a passion for illustration and design.
He has been recognized for both of these talents by such esteemed organizations as the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools, RAW Natural Born Artists, and the Altrusa Art Center. Dominic's style is a unique blend of whimsical and sophistication and he considers himself lucky to have a job where he can be creative every day. From children's books, character art, illustration and cover art, Dominic has worked with companies large and small to produce effective award-winning creative.

​​​Laura Kristi Cronin is an accomplished TV host, writer, producer, actress and model. A mother of two, she is excited to expand her creative horizons through children's literature. It is Mrs. Cronin's hope that Bob's Spiritfly will help kids think differently when a pet, friend, or family member passes on, while offering some peace with the experience. "I simply want kids to be open to synchronicity and the magic the universe has to offer," Laura says. "It's there if we allow ourselves to see it!"